Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Berry Me in Purple!!

While most people are changing their fashion and beauty cosmetics to reflect the warmer weather and sunny days, I'm still having a love affair with fall's favorite color: purple!

While purple has been my favorite color for years (blue and I broke up right after middle school), I've never been interested in wearing it on my face. I would even go so far as to say I was afraid of wearing something so bold, but now I can't get enough of it!

To ease my way into the purple craze, I started off wearing a berry lipstick by Wet 'N Wild and wore a purple eye liner by NYX. Then I graduated to Rebel by MAC and started playing with Plum and Fuchsia lip liners by NYX. At the peak of my purple obsession, I finally found Milani's baked eye shadow in Fantastico Mauve (the only want I initially wanted). That color sent my purple fixation into overdrive. It's gorgeous! To avoid the look of being seasonally confused, I wear these make-up products with warm colors and or with prints that will compliment the other colors.

Next up on my lippie list is to buy Cyber by MAC. This color is definitely bold, but I think I can pull it off, at least I hope I can. I'll try it in store first and then report back if I buy it! Wish me luck, ladies!!

 From right to left: NYX lip pencil in Fuchsia and Plum, Sally Hansen nail polish in Posh Plum, MAC lipstick in Rebel, Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve
From left to right: Luxe eye shadow by Brown Beauty Bar (review and giveaway coming soon), Wet'n Wild lipstick in 508A, and NYX eyeliner in Purple Blaze.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

It must be the health, cuz it aint yo' taste...

I need a green smoothie, I need a green smoothie!

That's exactly how I feel lol. These drinks (they way I make them anyway) are not tasty at all, but they make me feel amazing! Because they are packed with so many amazing nutrients, I get a burst of energy within seconds of drinking a couple gulps of this stuff down. I imagine this is what Popeye felt like when he ate his can of spinach!

Since I'm always tweeting and instagraming photos of my green smoothies, I felt it would only be right if I make my return to the Blogosphere by making a post about what exactly goes in each one. So yes friends, this post will become the first in my "It must be the health, cuz it aint yo' taste..." series that I hope you will enjoy! BTW, Don't you love my title? lol.

Before I get to the ingredients, I must explain how I choose what will be in each smoothie.