Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sage Naturalseuticals Feature & Spring Product Swap Out

Hey ladies!! Can you believe it's officially spring?! I was literally counting the days until it arrived! After I finished up my spring cleaning and replaced my dark and heavy coats with light jackets that showcased vibrant colors and bold patterns, I realized I'd have to also change my "hair wardrobe" as well.

If you live in a state that goes through the four season change like myself, you know it's crucial to your hair's livelihood to rotate your products in your go-to arsenal once the temperatures creep into the "I'm not freezing my butt off" zone. It's out with the heavy butters that bombarded our hair from the extreme cold and in with the light creams that can keep our twist-outs defined while blowing through the wind when jamming (or getting "turnt up") in our car to the music with the windows down.

For the product junkies out there, this is the perfect time ever in life because you can now excuse yourself to buying new products that hits the shelves and not feel so guilty after the splurge. After all, you need new products, right? Your hair's health depends on it!

If you already have a list of products you'll be replacing for spring, but have no idea where to go to purchase your goodies, I'd suggest heading to Sage Naturalseuticals! They specialize in hand made natural brands and products for textured hair types. You can visit their store in Atlanta or purchase their products online.

Sage Naturalseuticals is located at 238 Walker Street Southwest Unit #8, (Enter on Fair Street), Atlanta, GA 30313