Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Know Your Worth!

Sometimes when we are presented with an amazing opportunity, we jump at it instead of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture before making a decision. I know I used to always do that. For some strange reason, I always felt like the underdog in everything I did. I was always totally surprised when people said great things about me, recommended me for certain opportunities or wanted me to be in charge/take control of a project because they “believed in me.”

As I mentioned in my latest video, I didn’t start off making YouTube videos for no other reason other than to improve my editing skills for videos that would go along with my articles I wrote for a local newspaper. So when I was approached to make videos for a company, I was thrilled! I had no idea how much to charge them for my work so when they came up with a figure, I happily accepted; still shocked that I would get paid to do something that I already enjoyed doing.

Once more companies approached me to do their videos, I stuck with that same figure since I had no other information to go off of. But this year after I was presented with another job offer, I knew I had to take a step back and look to someone for advice. I then remembered this guy I met at a photography studio last summer. He was a very successful videographer and filmed episodes for various popular TV shows on the Travel channel and Food Network. I had no idea if he’d remember me, but it was worth a shot.

Luckily he did and what I thought would be a 10-minute conversation turned into an hour-long educational phone call. Not only was he super helpful, but he also just might have yet another opportunity for me. That’s why I encourage you all to never throw away a business card. You never know when you might need it!

With that being said, I wanted to share three simple tips that may help out in a big way when starting something new for profit:

When starting something new, ask questions first! Usually someone’s first offer is their weakest. You know you’re worth it especially if they’re picking seeking for your services, so don’t be scared to negotiate. If you don’t know any figures at all, seek advice and then report back once you have some information. Chances are they wouldn’t mind waiting. Again…they asked you for a reason!

Don’t assume that looking at a competitors work will be to your advantage. Sometimes the reason people like you is because you have your own flair. Looking at someone else’s work may stunt your own creativity. Stick to doing you no matter what anyone else is doing.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you need advice or guidance on a project, ask someone with more experience than you to get the answer. You might just develop a new business partner. Who knows?!

Well I hope this helps someone out there! If you have any other tips, share them in the comment box!


  1. This definitely helps! I just started freelance writing and was approached about running social media for a communications firm and have no clue what to charge! I'm going to look deeper into research!! Thanks for this and God Bless you in all your endeavors!

  2. I'm happy to see you growing professionally. It's great to hear about the great things going on in your life outside of that gorgeous hair. I look forward to hearing more about your career and your journey.

  3. CharyJay, this is soooo true! I can really relate. I am working on a project now that is completely new territory for me and its exciting and a bit scary. But you are right, you must know your worth when doing business, or you will definately get taken advantage of or under appreciated. Knowing your worth is a continuous process. I'm so happy for your success in 2011 and so excited to see what 2012 has in store for us all! God Bless buddy! <3

  4. Congrats on the new site! I love it. Im such a big fan of your youtube channel so ill know ill be following the blog too!

  5. It's funny that you post a topic on the very subject me and a friend of mine was discussing yesterday. Know your worth, that is so important in so many aspects of life. Anywho CONGRATULATIONS on moving further in the direction of greater success. It's go hard or go home and pretty much from what I can tell you go hard so keep doing what you do. *God Bless*:)

  6. this article was interesting and helpful.i'm going to share it in my womens group...God bless

  7. I watched your latest video and we have a lot in common, I wrote for my news magazine in high school. I wrote for my college paper and even was a designer for a semester. Like you I eventually lost my passion, with 18 units plus some internships and deadlines it was too much.

    But I have gotten back into the spirit again. Writing has been my passion since i was young.

    thanks for the tips and looking forward to your next blog.

  8. Funny, I have experience with this: I sold myself short with a position I had back when I first moved to the DC area...I was so excited at what they were offering me that I jumped on it. Little did I know that what they were paying me would have been top dollar in Michigan, but here in DC, I was barely scraping by. Your tips can be used in a number of areas in our lives, and are good practicals on their own. Great work!

  9. @ Chrarjay so true I am currently telling myself that because for so long I did not realize all that I have to offer. Like you I began making YouTube videos to sharpen my skills. I love to help and work with people but I am so shy and introverted nevertheless my love for helping encourages me to move out of my comfort zone. So making YouTube videos gives me the chance to get comfortable with not being introvert. It also allows me to share what I know with others which gives me pleasure because I see that as a form of helping. I am also working on a couple of projects and those who are mentoring and advising me have help me to realize my worth that I ignored for so long. You are such a beautiful woman continue to grow and appreciate your diversity and believe in your worth.

    God Bless

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