Monday, January 9, 2012

There’s a new Nazi in Town

Not only are the “Natural Hair Nazis” attacking those naturals who straighten their hair or those who refuse to abide by the unwritten rule of only using natural products. No. Now they’re taking on new prey; the natural women who choose to wear make-up.

Here are a few quotes I’ve heard around some blogs and video comments: “I choose to wear a fresh face.” “Wearing make-up covers up your natural beauty.” And my personal favorite: “If you’re natural, you shouldn’t even wear make-up anyway.”

While I was not always the biggest fan of make-up, my curiosity has peaked to new heights. This has lead to me wearing make-up in a few of my videos and pictures. Then that spilled over into pleads for make-up tutorials. As someone who always tried to keep it “chill” on my channel, I always shed away from talking about make-up because I didn’t feel like dealing with the backlash that I knew would soon come.

(SN: I now know people will complain about anything so all of that has blown out the window lol*)

But I’m not the only woman who wears their hair natural who’s gotten attacked by the new Nazis. One friend of mine got into a heated confrontation with someone who kept saying she was no longer natural because she chose to wear that “unnatural mess on her face,” and I’ve seen countless FaceBook statuses (what would the world be like if we didn’t have this great thing to tell the world when someone was piss us off?) of people going off on that “chick who needed to take several seats” when talking about what natural women put on their face.

While I think women, natural or not, should do whatever makes them happy, I do see one of the new Nazis’ point. Some of those women who complain about paraben this, or silicone that, are not concerned with those same ingredients that’s in their cosmetic bag.

This discussion will be continued. But until then, what do you think about the new Nazi? Have they come after you? 


  1. I think that there is a way to voice your opinion without lashing out at others....what works for your face doesn't always work for everyone else....I think that some people just need to calm down....

  2. Wow! Unbelievable "Nazi's!"Please don't change who you are by any means. No matter if you're natural or relaxed it's all about what makes you happy. Healthy hair care is important for everyone and black women need to start with educating themselves on hair care and stop being a Nazi's. People need to be more positive about their own skin. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK & STAY TRUE.

  3. Great article CharJay!
    I agree with I Am Curly Locks. A lot of people need to you're out down when it comes to certain issues regarding the choice to support locks in it's natural state.
    CharJay you made a great point about parabens in makeup. As far as make up is concerned, I for one never gave a second thought about parabens and such in my make up. And I love lipsticks, eye liner, and mascara. :) Although, I'm not as anal as some naturalists when it comes to certain hair products. I love my Shea Moisture and Tea Tree Tingling from Trader Joes. :)

    Thanks CharJay! XoXo

  4. Oops!
    ”you're” s/b 'calm' and ” support” s/b 'sport'.

    What next? Women who wear their hair natural should be vegetarians or vegans and eat Organic Food only?!?!

  5. In addition natural/inner beauty is purely how you look & feel about yourself inside & outside. Makeup or not. Nazi's will always hate. They need to get on the Tight Rope.

  6. I often wonder about the effort that some naturals take to choose the products they use on their hair and then I am sometimes taken aback by the amount of make up naturals wear on their faces. I chose not to wear make up a long time ago. MOre out of a personal preference than anything else. IF persons who pontificate about being natural and the importance of being natural and using organic products want to wear make up it does contradict what they are preaching-to me. But then again if your preference is to wear natural hair and you chose to wear make up by all means go ahead. But they must not be surprised when someone calls out the contradiction. My mantra at the end of the day is to do what makes you comfortable. I wear locs but it does not mean I am a rastafarian..nor am I vegan. it just means this is my style preference. However I guess the difference is I am not in the public eye for ppl to find a problem with my choice.

  7. @The Sweet Natural One, if you ask me, I believe the Hair Nazis want to wear their hair natural also, but are too reluctant to do so for fear of ”losing” their beauty once they do the BC. Also afraid of how their friends and colleagues will view them.

  8. I think people are overly invested in this 'natural hair community' to the point that they can't make personal choices and not care about the backlash. At the end of the day it's your hair and your skin so whatever you choose to use on it is YOUR choice. Topics like this make me wonder if the natural hair community is exhausted of actual things to talk about because this to me is not an actual issue. Do what is right for you and stop seeking validation/agreement from others. It's amazing that people can make such drastic changes to their hair but inside still be overly concerned and invested in others. Simply amazing.

  9. To each is own...I say do what makes you comfortable. It's just not that serious in my opinion. All these extreme views are mind baffling to me. Technically if you're using anything man made that's not what was the argument they were trying to make again? Sheesh...

  10. Girl, #iCant with the natural Nazi's. When did the natural hair community start crusading against makeup? If you're concerned about chemicals in your makeup, there are plenty of all-natural and eco-friendly makeup companies out. So is it really about the chemicals, or about them wanting to control things? There will always be SOMEONE in a group that becomes much more controlling and legalistic than everyone else. They can have fun ATTEMPTING to control me, because chile... *applies lip gloss and bronzer* hmmph. I don't play that.

  11. I think people in life are silly. Maybe it's the way I have been brought up and also how things are viewed differently across cultures but I still find it incredible when people always have something to say about what others do: Like the natural person who starts saying that people should not relax or a relaxed that starts saying natural hair is "gross" or "ugly". It's like they have no life but to judge! I really have no respect for any kind of nazis. One because they make it their long term goal to make others miserable and two because too many time in my opinion it's just plain idiocy!
    People should be able to do what they want with their hair, makeup, body, etc....If it doesnt hurt them or others, why rain on their parade?

    I am not saying that I have never judged but there is a fine line in seeing or saying something you dont agree with and dictating to others that your way of thinking is the only way and on top of it all the right one!

    So, seriously just let these idiots says what they want and smile. Because in the end what really matters is that you're the only one in the driving seat of your life! :)


  12. They have been attacking me from the beginning. Like, can I live my own life? LOL! In this case I see where it can be a little hypocritical, BUT I don't see why people are so concerned with what others are doing to their being. Toooo many other things in life to worry about. Peace & Blessings! :)

  13. i love your makeup - it enhances your natural beauty. what's the problem?

  14. Im all about what is physically and mentally healthy. Far too many ALREADY beautiful sistas like to adorn themselves with UNHEALTHY makeup. When worn TOO MUCH, it severly clogs poors, breaks out your skin, and so me times causes PERMENANT damage. I myself wear makeup. But I dont wear it EVERYTIME I go out, and I definitely dont wear it DAILY. I have studied and researched NATURAL makeup, and they are a LOT better for you.

    To each is TRULY own, but just because someone voices by heir opinion that differs from others, it doesnt make them a nazi, sis.

    I am all about helping sistas be just that:: SISTERS.

    I truly wish u peace, 'Nika.


  15. I'm a natural hair woman who wears make-up three or four times a year, maybe? Weddings, Halloween, etc... It's just not my thing. I don't like the way it feels on my skin, and it's messy! I think women should do what feels right, when it comes to hair, skin, or what have you. I just don't feel it's my place to judge. These women running around pressed over what someone else is putting on their faces have too much free time. Need more rigorous and purposeful pursuits to fill their days, I think.

    CharJay, you are beautiful and you look incredible, with or without make-up. And, more importantly, you seem very happy in your own skin. Whatever you're doing, it seems to be working!

    I must say I have a problem with the casual, banal way in which the term "Nazi" is being used. Lots of folks do this, of course. But, I don't think it's cool. For me, it shows a lack of sensitivity to the victims and survivors of real Nazi terror. I'd find another word.

    Just my opinions.


  16. Hi!,
    I just want to start by saying that I am a new follower of your blog, and I am LOVING it!
    Now about the whole "you shouldn't wear make-up if you're natural" thing..
    I think that people should stop worrying so much about what other people chose to do with their appearances.
    Going natural is a positive decision/lifestyle change. It seems like people try to weed out negativity from people who they see are doing something positive for themselves. Just because a woman decides to wear her HAIR chemical free does not mean that she has to do the same for her face. Now if a woman were saying that she was going for a totally Natural/organic lifestyle, then one might question if she uses cosmetic products or eats processed foods.
    BTW, I am a natural, and I do wear make up whenever I want to. :)

    Stay Beautiful,

  17. Hey! I am so glad that you started the blog back up. I had not heard about the makeup issue, but I think it is absolutely cray that people would say one is not natural because they were makeup. WTDTA? These Nazis are killing me! lol I just dont understand and don't want to! Foolishness!

  18. The truth of the matter is this: some women need makeup-natural or not. Not all who do wear need it and all who should...Well... IJS
    In all seriousness, everyone has an opinion about everything and there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself. The real problem is "I didn't ask you for it". If people would volunteer their time like they do their opinions, this world would be a better place.

    I love your youtube channel.

  19. what bugs me is that ppl who choose to style without chemicals R way to nitpicked at! the motivation behind deciding to go without chemicals could have nothing to do with being natuRal at all. the nazis need to go!

  20. All of the judgmental bs is out of hand. My advise to naturals running into the "make-up nazis" is to know that nobody can define who you are or what you do except you. Don't worry about what another person thinks about what you're doing because you'd stop being yourself. People talk stuff all the time, but when all is said and done what they say doesn't count.

  21. I don't wear make up because I don't like the feel of it on my face (and I'm lazy :P putting on make up takes time and I spend that time in bed hehe) and because of this I haven't really been interested in learning about how to put it on, where to buy it and what not. Thats just me. I couldn't go up to someone and diss them for wearing make up - not my style and I think make up can look very pretty.
    But I have to say this isn't just one way.
    I have had ladies tell me I should/need to wear make up because I'm a girl/it'll make me look pretty/it'll get me a man/it'll cover that spot and which ever other reason im presented with.

    I think in general we all as women need to start apprecating that we are all different and we should love these SLIGHT differences instead of using them as tools to seperate and disrespect one another. This lady doesnt wear make up so that means this. That lady does wear make up, so she is that. This lady is natural and thus a . . . . That lady is heat trained so Im not talking to her. This lady *fill in gap* . . . . . . . . on the grand scheme of things it reeeeeeally doesn't matter - well not to me any ways :)
    Great website girlie xx

  22. Hi Chary,

    I've had "people" come after me in my earlier years for just being black. I had people who laughed at me for having short hair. I've had religious folks put me down because my "hair wasn't my glory"(hanging but long) I've had white folks put me down because of the color of my skin. I've had black folks put me down because I was darker than them. But I never used such a strong term as NAZI.

    Nazism, Slavery and other forms of oppression was real business. I think for black people to call other black people "nazi" shows an anger and hatred that is over blown for the situation. I reserve slavery and its related words for what happened to "black people"; I respect that Jewish people were hurt by the holocaust and I reserve the use of the work Nazi for that.

    That said. I agree that we have extremely judgemental black, white and other colors among us. But why would we call a fellow human being who disagrees with our personal style a NAZI ? It's easy to use those words against each other. But we dare not use it against the oppressor. Do you see what I mean? It's sort of a cowardly way out of labeling our deep seated anger towards each other.

    Why not call someone who refuses to be accepting of the difference of others just "ignorant"? I have yet to hear anyone call someone who only likes straight hair a NAZI. Do you see what I mean?

    Sometimes as a people when the leader of a pack throws out what they think is a cute word, we all "copy". Why not be original. Why not be truthful.

    Anyone in this day or time that hates you because you do not meet their standard of beauty is just plain ignorant. And that goes for anybody. Not just others with natural hair.

    I think this NAZI term is really divisive. And as black people we really don't need to go there. And as far as someone putting you down then you just need to get them told and not label them.

    Labels are cheap. They are the methodology of the oppressor. Some of us still can't get over the N word. What is about the N Words?