Sunday, February 5, 2012

1MeNaturally Giveaway and Interview with owner, Meosha!

I'm not sure when I discovered 1MeNaturally's earrings, but as soon as I did I was mesmerized. I LOVED THEM! It took me forever to buy them, so until then I lusted over them from afar. Once I found the owner, I fell in love all over again...this time over her hair. "Her hair...that way...THAT HAIR!" That is all I thought at first glance. When I met her last year at the BGLH meet-up, she was kind enough to step to the side and answer a few questions for a mini-interview. And now she's kind enough to do a giveaway of her FAB earrings that I purchased this fall. 

Peep the interview and afterwards, see how you can enter this fab giveaway. 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from? Do you have another occupation besides your business?

My name is Meosha, not to be confused with the show starring the lovely and talented Brandy Norwood called “Moesha”. -_-

I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, but spent the majority of my life in Lansing, Illinois.

I’m formerly a corporate girl actually. I hold an Associate degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor degree in Management. I’ve been a college Career Advisor and more recently a Corporate Recruiter for a well know oil company. In another life I aspired to climb the corporate ladder and be the man. Now I’m the wo-man and I own my own business, 1MeNaturally and write for Black Girl with Long Hair among other things. 

How long have you been natural?

I’ve been natural since July of 2009, so going on two and a half years now. I’ve been bleached, dyed and two big chops later I am still loving every minute of this journey.

Your wash and goes are SICK!!! Is that your go-to style? And if so, how do you maintain it in the winter? If not, what is your go-to style?

Yep, call me a one trick pony. Wash and goes are definitely my best friend and the season plays no part in it. I have recently started wearing my hair in dry twist-outs between wash and goes to give me - not my hair - a break. YouTube and the lovely women I feature on BGLH keep me inspired, so as my hair grows longer I plan to definitely try more protective styles.

Your hair is growing back nicely after you cut it due to color damage. Do you plan on dying your hair again?

Ridiculously, yes! You would think I would have learned my lesson after the first time. It’s not a plan per se like I have a date in mind to do it or anything, but I do adore the look of dyed tips. That is something I could definitely see myself doing in the future. But that’s it! I swear!

When and why did you start making earrings?

1MeNaturally was created out of a desire to express myself creatively during a really rough time. Not to be a total buzz kill, but I have honestly suffered most of my life from anxiety and depression and I was challenged during therapy to do all the things in life that I always dreamed to do, but allowed anxiety to stop me from pursuing. This is the long and short of the story.

Your button earrings are very unique! Without giving too much away, how did you come up with the designs?

I really would love to say there is some science that goes into the pieces I make and the fabrics I choose, but I make what I find visually appealing; items that I would and do wear and hope others like too.

I see you have a necklace and a beaded earring for sell on your site. Are you going to offer more different pieces of jewelry this year?

I most definitely will have some other items as I grow as a designer. I try to keep my process very honest and passion driven. I’m not trying to keep up with what’s hot or what’s in season. I create what comes naturally and am driven by whatever inspires along the way.

Do you have any other things upcoming projects you'd liked to share with us?

I’m a chameleon. A jack ( jill ) of all trades. I decided a long time ago to stop trying to be somebody and let my talents naturally carry me in the right direction. I can’t say what I’ll be doing next, but know it’s going to be epic.


The lovely Meosha has decided to giveaway three pairs of earrings. Two winners will win one pair of the Fan Button Earrings (shown in pictures one and two) in their choice of color and one winner will win the medium sized button earrings (shown in picture three).

To enter, you must "Like" Meosha's 1MeNaturally shop on Etsy and  tell me what you found most interesting or inspiring about her interview. Also include which pair of earrings you are trying to win by posting the number. Please include your email address as well. This giveaway will be open for one week and will end February 12th at 11:59 EST.

Thanks again Meosha for sponsoring this giveaway and giving this awesome interview! If you would like to follow Meosha, please check out her links below.



  1. I LOVED her explanation of how she created 1MeNaturally, because it was truly inspiring and showed me that you can follow your dreams despite your current circumstances.

    I would like to enter to win #3

  2. I like her wash n go style. :) That is definitely my what I do 90% of the time as well. I would like to enter to win #2.

    Email: weepngwillow16 -at-

  3. I like that she said she did the Big Chop twice. When I first went natural I was so self conscious about my hair and its length (or the lack thereof) and I didnt even do the BC! I think it shows that Meosha really knew what she wanted out of her hair and was willing to not just cut it all off once, but TWICE. Its so easy to become frustrated with natural hair and to give up but I think it shows the commitment that she had/has to being natural and thats something that I really desire.

    I would like to enter to win #1

  4. I like that these beautiful earrings were made as a way to fight depression, I battle depression and would love another solution besides medicine. Very inspirational. I would like #2. ( Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I like the fact that she got beyond her anxiety to do something she wanted to do.

    Enter to win #2

  6. I like that she is using her talent to fight depression which effects many people!
    enter me for #2

  7. I liked her story how she started making earrings.
    Enter me for #1

  8. The thing that inspired me most from this interview is that she has found ways to keep reinventing herself. She's educated and has clearly dictated which path she wants to take, despite obstacles faced. She is also appears very transparent and receptive to taking her ideas to greater heights. Her earrings are def pretty dope. Please enter me for #1.


  9. I like the fact that she was able to find a happy medium that combines her business skill and her creative side. Most people can't do that. Love all her earrings on etsy.

    If chosen I like #1. Thanks so much!


  10. I love how she turned he anxiety and depression into something creative and beautiful. I choose #3

  11. What I found interesting about her interview is that she is able to do fantastic wash n gos with her length of hair. I'm gonna choose earrings #3. Email:

    1. I must say her hair is fantastic!!!!! I can't wait for my natural hair too grow out so I can try these fab styles!!!!

  12. I like how she did not allow anxiety and depression to be a crutch, but in tutrn reinvented herself with a wonderful career.

    Earring #3

  13. I really like( and found interesting) the fact that this lady is using something she loves doing to fight something that's an obstacle in the way of her many potential successes. Not many people get the chance to find a way around or over their obstacles,so they drown in the feeling of failure. Good luck to her in the future! Oh, i also love that her designs come straight from the heart and from what she finds appealing.

    I would love #3

  14. Great interview Chary! I've never worn button earings and now I'm drooling over them on her Etsy page! I liked that Meosha left the corporate world to run her own business. That is really inspiring to me because I'm currently in the corporate world and am too chicken right now to pursue my passions full time. It takes a lot of faith to do it. Hopefully one day...

    #2 would be awesome, I've got a dress to match! ;o)

  15. I am entering for #1. I like that she overcame her anxiety and depression and put her energy into a creative outlet that has yielded such beautiful jewelry. It is absolutely amazing!

  16. I love that she is confident to let her creative ability lead her and knows that it will end #EPIC!!! That's so 'BOSS"!! I can read through the interview the confidence that many naturals know comes as a "side effect" (if you will) of OUR journey!! You start with hair and the longer you stay natural it seems that the journey takes on a personal manifestation of it's own! I love #3, so cute and chic!!

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  18. (Sorry about the deleted post was trying to add my pic) First I must say that I have been following your Vids on my hair journey as a new long-term transitioner and I saw the link to your new site! I must say the topics have been intriguing and inspiring! This interview of this beautiful young lady adds to my inspiration! I love and appreciate all things homemade, it saves money and brings out the creator in you, plus I love supporting black woman! Meosha's mentioning of her anxiety and depression was brave and touched me because its hard to speak out about the things that plaque us! I have suffered with restless leg syndrome that keeps me up at night for hours and also gives me anxiety, but I also find that this is the time when I find my biggest inspiration, like Meosha I too make jewelry and also hair bows(I have a 4yr old), to take my mind off of what I'm feeling!!!! I visited her esty site and she has some banging pieces! I'm getting her Nina, Mesh and Geo button earrings!!!! I LOVED everything I saw and wish I had the bank to buy them all! What stuck out the most was Meosha is just like me, young, fabulous, creative and defining her path in this world we live in and refusing to be anything but HER! I would love to rock #1, but even if I don't win I found this interview relatable, and I found a new shopping spot(what girl doesn't want to shop!) Keep it coming CharyJay!!! Blessings Keedy

  19. I found it interesting that she writes for Black Girl with Long Hair as well as that her work very honest and passion driven. I love the fact that she does not try to keep up with what is currently trending. Personally, I don't buy what's "popular" I buy what fits my style. Lastly, she uses her art expression as a form of therapy. Working in the disability industry, I have learned that depression and anxiety debilitates people so much that they don't even bathe or go out, let alone make jewelry. Kudos to her - she is a walking testimony!!

    The link above does not work for her etsy shop; however, I was able to find it and like it.

  20. You ALL inspire me. Every single comment means so much to me. Thank you for supporting my craft and being so supportive and sincere. GOOD LUCK in the giveaway! - Meosha