Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winners to 1MeNaturally & Natrilicious.Net giveaways!

Hey all! Thanks so much for all the participation on my giveaways! I am so honored that you all have taken great interest in these wonderful opportunities I am blessed to offer you chicas here on my new site!
Here are the following winners of the giveaways that ended on Sunday.

Winners of the 1MeNaturallyEarring Giveaway are as follows:

Winner of pair #1:
DJones (Donna)

Winner of pair #2:
Sarah Eliza

Winner of pair #3
BeauTIFFul Curls

Thanks so much To Meosha Tall for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway! I will email you ladies tonight!

(Gwen, owner of

The winner for the $20 gift card and free shipping at is:


Thanks so much to Gwen for sponsoring this giveaway. For those of you who entered that giveaway and did not win, Gwen has decided to allow my blog readers to get 25% off their total order by using discount code "CHARYJAY".  Offer ends ends of March 15 so you have plenty of time to get your hands on your staples from your favorite hair brands, but don't miss out!

Again, I want to thank everyone for participating in these giveaways and I assure you there are plenty more to come!