Sunday, May 19, 2013

Earring Graveyard

Once I went natural in 2010, I became obsessed with earrings. The bigger, the better was my mantra. Fast forward to the present, I still have a love for earrings, but my size preference varies on my mood rather than the size itself. I still have a love for big earrings, but I've noticed the bigger, the more problems they seem to create. Since my earring selection has become as popular as some of my style creations, I thought I'd make a post about the earrings that I once loved, but unfortunately had to be laid to rest.

Rachel Stewart's Dwennimman earrings
I had my eyes on these Rachel Stewart earrings for the longest time. I loved how big they were and the shape of them. I just had one issue: the price! I'd never paid over $20 for earrings before, but after a long talk with myself about supporting another natural sister and small business owner, I took the credit card and did the damage.

They didn't take long to get to me and as soon as they arrived, I flaunted my latest purchase in photos for my then upcoming styling video.

Although it was a plus that they arrived quickly, it was a huge negative they broke soon after. I remember like it was yesterday. I was organizing all of my earrings in my Jewelmint boxes on my organizer. When I went to go pick up one of these earrings, it dropped out of my hand and onto the floor. "NOOOOOO!!!" I screamed as I saw the result of the six inch fall. It was cracked and one of the circle squiggly part was separated. I almost cried! I immediately went to the store and bought some Krazy glue and luckily it was repaired. Although a blast of excitement flushed over me, I was scared to wear them again, worried that it was going to break while I was out.

Fast forward three months later and I discovered they broke into multiple pieces while in the Jewelmint box. Im guessing the acrylic couldn't handle the sharp edges of the box when it shifted. While one was in perfect condition, the other is all fuxxed up lol. Oh well earring graveyard it goes.

Beads by Aree Zo Zo earrings

I'd been checking out Beads by Aree earrings every since I saw my blogger friend Melissa Chanel wear them while we were hanging out in NYC together. I finally mustered up the nerve to drop $40 on these pair of earrings. They were so unique; like nothing I'd ever seen before.

Melissa Chanel (middle) wearing her Beads by Aree earrings that influenced my purchase.
Although they are visually amazing, it's sort of a job to wear. They are very bulky and when I wear my hair down/out, my hair usually gets caught in them. They also make a lot of noise when you're moving your head from right to left a lot. It can get kind of annoying.

Storing these babies are also a problem. Forget about putting them together. They will automatically get caught together and intertwine with each other. It happened to me several times and it takes what seems like hours to get them unattached.

With all that being said, I continued to wear these earrings until they started to droop and become unmanageable. The wire began to lose its shape making them less appealing. I am reluctant to ship these off to the earring graveyard because of the price i paid, but I honestly don't have much of a choice.

Rosy Mickey Golden Jag Earrings
As some of you may now, I receive a lot of products for review, but when I head out to events, I receive a lot of other things too. I received these earrings during the World Natural Hair show last year and didn't get around to wearing them until a few months ago. I immediately fell in love with them and so did just about everybody else on Instagram.

I wore them about two more times before I realized how heavy the were. Weight of earrings are not a real problem for me. I just take them out while I'm driving or on the way to the destination and when I show up to show out, I conveniently put them back in. Ta da!

I realized these earrings demise when I got back from the Curly Cruise. They were chillin' at the bottom of purse with the jaguar was beheaded from the chain. I screamed of few expletives before I realized this could easily be fixed. I'm not sure how much these run since I got them as a gift, but I would still recommend these earrings. Although I have to repair these, it's a minor fix since some pliers should do the trick. I also like that they're heavy and durable. This one will be up and back in my arsenal in no time.

So which one of your fav pairs of earrings ended up in the earring graveyard and how? Let me know in the comment boxes below!


  1. Sad to see them go...but there comes a time for everything...

  2. I love earrings! I don't have any that has made the earring graveyard as of yet*lol*..but only time will tell. Thanks for posting, take care.

  3. I hate when earrings break. It kills me.

  4. I'm not into expensive earrings either and to see them break so easily is very disheartening. Those last two earrings are really cute though. :-)

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  8. Great post, I also enjoy huge earrings as well, the bigger the better. I have learned at least for myself to store them in the box they came in, especially the acrylic ones. I also had to buy a larger jewelry armoire to accommodate my ever growing collection. If you do decide to buy some more big ones I HIGHLY recommend these in the 4" style by Peace Images,

    They are head turners where ever I go, I bought them in the gold so the sun can reflect on them, but know they do come in other materials and sizes. Enjoy;)

  9. Off topic BUT does ANYONE know what video I can lookat to find the second to last photo hairstyle? (With the curls)

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