Friday, May 10, 2013

Time to Reprogram: Hair, Body & Soul

"All these damn toxins!" That's all I keep thinking as I apply beauty products in my daily beauty routine: shower gel, body scrub, lotion, facial moisturizer, deodorant and body mist/perfume. Once upon a time I used to feel a sense of relief once I got to my hair until I started realizing some of my trusted "all natural brands" have went over to the dark side and started putting these not so natural ingredients into their products, but of course, still slapped that lovely natural title all over their bottles and jars.

That's when I thought I'd start making a change. A change that will begin towards the middle of May (I'm thinking May 15) and end 30 days after. I'd like to do a hair and body cleanse. Note: this is not a full detox/cleanse, but more so a way I can ween myself and my body off the habit of wanting to use certain products full of toxins in my daily use.

But before I get to how I plan to do this, I want to talk about why I want to do this in the first place. After all, I'm always reviewing different products on YouTube so why all of a sudden the change of heart? Well, while aboard the Curly Cruise last month, I attended Tonya aka The V Bar Lady's program where she talked about all the harmful toxins that were found in common beauty products that we use daily. She also played a video about toxins found in cosmetic products. I remembered watching that very same video at least six months prior, but at that time, the information, although shocking, fell on death ears. Now that I'm becoming more conscious of what I put into my body, I listened and started taking notes.

Left: Stylist Felicia Leatherwood doing Tonya's hair during her workshop on the cruise. She got a cut and a twist-out. Right: Finished product.

I could begin to mention all the brands and toxins found in beauty products, but that's a whole other post in itself so I'll let you do that research on your own. I will tell you that Tonya mentioned we should do a body cleanse often (I forgot the exact amount of time). I cringed when I heard this because the last time I did one was freshman year of college. And regardless if you're skeptical of that or not, I do know you are supposed to go to the bathroom right after every meal (I learned that from watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead), and I definitely don't do that. So I know I needed to make some changes. To make make matters worse, I was aboard a ship that offered every food under the sun for your consumption every single day. And Lord knows I was happily eating everything my little heart desired. So lets start talking about my plan.

I ate balance meals for the most part and tried to include fruit and or veggies in at least two out of the three meals I ate on the ship. The problem was I ate a rich dessert every night with countless pieces of French bread. Top pic: Tofu steak with Thai veggies. Bottom pic: tiramisu cake. This was not my cup of tea, but their melting chocolate cake was amazing!

Some of you may know I started eating clean towards the beginning of March. I lost a decent amount of weight (with exercise), but once I moved, that all went downhill and took my weight lost with it. I want to get back in the habit of eating clean and doing a detox/cleanse will jump start that process for me at the same time.

Last night on the ship. My hair was cute, but chucked full of products!

Once I got back from the cruise, my hair was full of product build up like I had never experienced before. I used a mud cleanser and Brazilian butter treatment (both completely natural without fragrances) and my hair felt like it had come back to life. I'd like to only use all natural mud cleansers instead of shampoo and use products with all natural ingredients without fragrances for stylers. I'm also going to do protective styles during this 30 day detox. This is going to give my hair a break. I've been twisting and curling the heck out of it for a long time and it just needs to be left alone for awhile. I know my hair is like, "Damn, Chary! Can I live?"

The two all natural and fragrance free products that brought my hair back to life once I got back home. Review on these products are coming soon.

Like I said, I'll start all of this during the middle of May, but I wanted to get this post out now so you guys won't be blind sided with the change of videos you'd be seeing from me. This should be interesting to say the least. Have you ever done any kind of detox before? If you have any advice for me, I will gladly accept!

In Cozumel, Mexico. I'll post more pics from the cruise on my Facebook fan page soon.


  1. I've never done a detox before ... planned to but never got round to it. Like you though my interest in the toxicity of products has peaked recently. I suppose stumbling on the fact that my hair gel, body moisturisers, foundations and conditioners had a formaldehyde releasing antimicrobial agent in it, started everything off.

    I suppose some people are sceptics and claim that everything will near about kill you (the toxic air in cities etc.) but for me, buying a product that may possibly cause harm to me, is a double edged sword I don't want to deal with i.e. I'm paying to ruin my health ??(doesn't make sense to me).

    Anyway sorry about the long comment but I'm glad other people out there (like you) are concerned with ingredients. Those around me shrug it off as if its an inevitable fact of modern consumerism ... it doesn't have to be.

    I wish you the greatest success in your efforts to go "green!". I have not been thinking seriously about a detox (though my mother has gained much success from it - keeps telling me to start) but I think I'll definitely consider it to start anew. Thanks for sharing :o)!!

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  3. I've never done a Detox before, but having read your blog, I'm totally interested. As my the natural hair products, does Raw Shea Butter count as au naturale? What are the ingredients in the TGIN products, because based on your video review I ordered them, as well as I am still yet to find a product line that actually moisturize my hair.

  4. Congrats on your detox...but I'm not in a position to financially do a detox properly...but any products you want to get rid off feel free to bring them with you next month to the Expo and give them to Mother Hen.... I will gladly use them and the ones that don't work for me my daughter or god-sister (who will be both be with me this year) would probably be able to use them....Of course I mean the ones you're not planning on using for giveaways... :) See ya next month ladybug!!!

  5. Hi Chary!! I'm so happy you are taking up this challenge and bringing awareness to the unnecessary toxins that we expose ourselves to everyday with our beauty and hair products. I actually am in the process of going fully "green" with all of my products. For me it really is about overall health, and when I realized that while I was worried about the ingredients in my conditioner, propylene glycol and all sort of other crap were sneaking into my foundation, eye shadow, mascara contact solution etc. I was shocked that I overlooked all of this!

    I then decided enough was enough! I started slowly with products that I use daily, and week by week I restocked my beauty bag, with cleaner non toxic alternatives. My advice to you is to just take this time, really see how your hair and skin feels and decide your comfort level with what ingredients you will or will not allow in your personal care and beauty products once the detox is over. Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck!!

  6. Congrats on your detox. I think detoxmatters can help to solve this issue.